Personal Training and F.I.R.E.

Our personal trainers know how to get results! Check out our Staff page to see the additional qualifications of our fitness professionals. HH offers the optimum environment for personal training. During your sessions you will be continually assessed and monitored and most importantly encouraged, supported and coached to achieve results! We offer fitness consultations, body composition, girth measurements and cardio and strength tests.

Individual Personal Training rates

  • 1 hour $109
  • 45 mins. $89
  • 30 mins. $59

F.I.R.E. – The Body Shaper

F.I.R.E. stands for focussed, intense, resistance exercise. Our F.I.R.E. sessions run for 4 x 10 week blocks per year. The training is progressive and tailored for each individual’s lifting experience. A highly qualified coach will assist you to achieve goals you thought were unattainable. Clients are amazed at the changes to strength and mind and body when they commit to F.I.R.E. Groups usually work in a team of 6. This is the most affordable way to access personal training. To enquire about our next start date please email

Personal Training in Stretch Therapy

Stretch Therapy is a comprehensive system that includes stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural patterning and modern postural alignment.

Stretch Therapy Coaching gives you a personalised one on one experience teaching you about your patterns of tension and how to change them. In the stretch program we identify not only areas of restriction through a functional movement screen we investigate the cause of these restrictions. Once identified a 4 to 6 week program is recommended to address these areas. This process is empowering and will help you feel confident to take charge of your body after injury, help manage your pain issues and assist you to progress into stretch therapy classes to further improve your results for life.

Benefits of Stretch Therapy Coaching:

  • assists with pain management;
  • improves mobility and lowers risk of injury;
  • increases range of movement;
  • assists with muscle recovery after training;
  • improves confidence to attend group fitness classes;
  • increases your flexibility and function with optimal mobility moving with grace and ease.

Your Stretch Therapy Coach will design a program with visuals so you can confidently practice at home to continue to progress with your range of movement.

Stretch therapy is used by men and women of all ages: teenagers, athletes, coaches, dancers and during pregnancy. Personal Training Stretch Therapy