Child Minding Service

Horizon Buddies

Parents…who doesn’t want to feel less stressed, happier, be more energised, less moody and more patient? Let’s face it, we love our kids BUT sometimes they drive us crazy and just a moment to focus on ourselves can be a big game changer for the rest of the day and week. Child Minding Horizons Buddies

Come and work out at HH and take the hassle out of finding a babysitter! You can join a group fitness class or do your own work out in the gym.

The children that come to HH are entertained in an indoor and outdoor play area with a large array of books, games, activities, toys and other quality equipment. The outdoor area is a great place for the kids to run around in a safe and secure space.

Information to Assist Parents

Child Minding Age: Babies from 6 weeks and up until school age (school age accepted during school holidays – bookings essential)

Child Minding Opening Hours: Mon – Fri. There are 2 sessions every morning:

  • Session One 9.05am – 10.10am
  • Session Two 10.15am – 11.20am

Child Minding Cost

  • $4 per child per session
  • 10 session pass $36
  • 20 session pass $78

Tips & Advice

  • Children’s drinks should be water with the child’s name clearly written on the drink bottle.
  • Fresh fruit and/ or vegetables only please if snacks are required.
  • Please pack a hat, sunscreen and warm jacket for your child as we focus on outdoor play whenever weather permits.

Child Minding Procedures

  • Horizons Buddies is NOT child care and is under the banner of “adjunct care”. Adjunct care requires the parent to remain on site.
  • Bookings are essential for the safety of your child and are taken in advance. If you have booked into a session and cannot attend please call us on 62659404 as soon as possible. We do take waiting lists for many classes and often have parents waiting to hear of cancellations.
  • For the safety of all children at Horizons Buddies bookings for babies under 12 months is limited to 2 babies per session and sessions are capped at 10 children capacity.
  • Horizons Buddies is available to Healthy Horizons Members. Casual visitors will be permitted if space is available.
  • Payment must be made at reception before your child enters Horizons Buddies.
  • When dropping off or picking up your child you must sign our attendance book.
  • Please do not bring your child in if they are unwell. We do not charge you for the session but would appreciate a call to notify of cancellation.

A Horizons Buddies information form must be signed before your child’s first session.