About Us

Everyone at some time or another has that snap point when they know something needs to change. That time came for the owner of Healthy Horizons, Christine Gaby a few years ago when she knew she needed to change her career path. “I was in a very difficult teaching role at the time, my children were babies, life wasn’t easy and I was really unhappy. I can remember one night my husband (Stubbsy) telling me to find something that I wanted to do and to go for it!”…and that is exactly what she did.

From that moment Christine started the wheels turning to build her own fitness business-an industry she had been in for over 20 years but had never seriously considered it as a career. Since then, Healthy Horizons has grown from a business run from home and the local school to now a fully equipped gym with over 35 group fitness classes and specialised programs not seen anywhere else in Tasmania. Healthy Horizons isn’t just a gym – it is now an integral part of the community and is even used in real estate advertisements to sell houses!

A Mum and Dad, a teacher and a fire-fighter and now business owners they know how hard it is to manage everything and create time to keep fit and healthy. But once you step into HH their enthusiasm for life will make you want to keep coming back for more.

Our Point of difference

Imagine you have been thinking about getting healthier for some time but have no idea of where to start. The thought of joining a fitness centre scares you senseless but you have mustered up all your courage to walk into one and, with your heart in your mouth…you walk into a place where you have never felt more welcome, more valued and know right from the start no matter what your fitness level you will “fit in”. Healthy Horizons is that fitness centre – we can help you find a healthier YOU!

Our customer service is exceptional – we don’t advertise for staff, we hand pick them. We seek down to earth, motivating, knowledgeable and inspiring leaders. We only want you to be coached by the best. We want to be around fun, happy people who have an infectious zest for life.

We promote sensible, realistic, and life-long approaches to a healthy lifestyle. We provide quality, safe and effective exercise programs for groups and individuals in a welcoming and motivating environment.

At Healthy Horizons you WILL be missed, we WILL want you to stay on track with your fitness goals and we really WILL want you to make life long healthy changes!

We are a family owned business in a small community whose greatest achievement will be to make Southern Beaches the healthiest and happiest it can be.

We’d love for you to join the movement! Fitness Community Programs